*Submissions for 2017 are now closed! Thanks to each every comic who shared their work with us, we’re honored to have heard from you.

The Green Gravel Comedy fest will be a weekend of curated comedy madness running from May 12-13, 2017. This year is special because 100% of the ticket proceeds, aside from operation costs, will go towards the ACLU and Planned Parenthood. Boasting live stand-up, improv, podcast and sketch material, Iowa City will be bustling with fans and creators alike. We look forward to facilitating a platform for comedy creators to share their work while networking, partying and influencing each other in ways previously unimaginable!

There are a number of venues that showcase comedy in Iowa – from bars to comedy clubs to talent shows. Our goal is to give a voice to the performers that have yearned to grace those stages as much as those who have been prominently featured there. We welcome diverse submissions in the realm of stand-up, podcasts and one-man-show comedy! This is your chance to showcase your very finest work! Nothing is too weird. This is your time. We’ll be particularly on the lookout for talent within the Hawkeye state.
Please send the following to
Name, City/State, Email, Synopsis (if a one-person show or podcast) Video Link, Website or Credits.
Submission Fees:
$15 – Iowa Stand-up Comedians (Must provide verification of Iowa residency or address. This can be in the form of a past link to your work in Iowa, a cell pic of one of your utility bills, or yr mom calling us.) (Please don’t have yr mom call us.)
$20 – Podcast Submissions, One-man/woman Shows, Musical Comedy Acts
$25 – Out-of-State Stand-up Comedians, Improv or Sketch Groups (in or out of state)
Submission Fees should be sent to the same email via PayPal. Submissions that are not accompanied by the submission fee will not be considered.
All submissions are due by midnight on Saturday, April 1st, no fooling. No submissions will be accepted after this time and any submission fees from late entrants will be returned!
We’ve already got some incredible venues and acts in mind that we’ll be sharing soon. We can’t wait for you to join us and look forward to seeing your best stuff!
-The Green Gravel Team