Presale Passes and Headliners Announced!

Presale Passes and Headliners Announced!

Lookie here! We got us a couple of headlining shows for your Green Gravel 2017 pleasure:

Friday, May 12th – Tony Clifton and the┬áTony Clifton Trio

Join us for an unparalleled evening of grooves, croons and swoons with world-renowned comedian and consummate showman Tony Clifton and live band The Tony Clifton Trio. Clifton has opened for Rodney Dangerfield, mixed it up on Late Night with David Letterman and been featured in the Milos Forman film “Man on the Man” with Jim Carrey. All proceeds donated to the ACLU Action Fund & Planned Parenthood of the Heartland.

Saturday, May 13th – Helltrap Nightmare

Helltrap Nightmare is a night of comedy horror and noise music terror that allows experimental musicians and alt stand-up comics to share the stage in order to perform their wildest and most radical material. Featuring Dante Powell, with full slime-time lineup forthcoming! 100% of proceeds for this show will go to benefit Planned Parenthood of the Heartland.


Day or Weekend GG Passes!

Need a full dose of awesome before summer fully engulfs Iowa City? We must earnestly recommend attending our festival at venues like The Mill, Brew Lab, The Riverside Theater, Film Scene, High Grounds Cafe and more! Can’t get out for the whole weekend? Grab a Pickaxe or Shovel! Oh, and all proceeds for this year’s Green Gravel will be going towards the ACLU Action Fund and Planned Parenthood of the Heartland, which means that each dollar you spend and every laugh that escapes your body will enrich your soul until it turns bright orange. It’s science!