Megan Gogerty

Megan Gogerty is a comedian and playwright based in Iowa City, Iowa, USA, where she teaches
playwriting at the University of Iowa Playwrights Workshop. Gogerty's work, which has been produced all over the world, includes "Hillary Clinton Got Me Pregnant" (listed in the Atlanta Journal -Constitution's annual Top Ten Best Plays), "Love Jerry" (winner of three Talkin' Broadway citations and four New York Musical Theatre Festival Excellence Awards), "Housebroken," and "Save Me, Dolly Parton" (named a Best Play in Atlanta by Creative Loafing).

Based in Iowa City like a normal person, Megan is known for her trenchant political commentary except for when she's talking about her hair. She offers bold pop cultural analysis with references stopping at 2004. Family friendly, except for all the curse words and Brad Pitt sex dreams, Megan opened for Louie Anderson at the Plaza Casino in Las Vegas; featured for Eddie Pepitone and Rachel Bloom at Green Gravel Comedy Festival in Iowa City; featured for Cameron Esposito at Iowa City’s Mission Creek Festival; and performed at the Laugh Riot Grrl Fest in Los Angeles. She has featured at the Kansas City and Hollywood Improv, Chicago’s The GoGo Show, and Beast Village Comedy Festival in Des Moines.