Lev Cantoral

Pictured here with his record-breaking "World's Fastest" Fred Flintstone (6.27 seconds, baby) is Lev Cantoral, former host of the DP Brewpen Mic Comedy Open Mic and freelance illustrator & animator. Give me work! Lev is currently living in Chicago and is an avid cartoon and animation history buff. Lev recently spoke at the 2017 Popular Culture Association Conference on the re-birth of the Creator-Driven Cartoon, ushered in by Ralph Bakshi's revolutionary 1987 reboot of Mighty Mouse. Lev is also known for his infamous "Hat Act" (in which he tries on a variety of hats in front of a live audience), independent filmmaking, both this year's and last year's Green Gravel posters, and formerly washing dishes at Oasis Falafel. Lev does it all!